Monkey House

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bling Bling!!!

Ok, so here is what we have been working on over the last few weeks!!! Our Honday Accord started falling apart and the AC went out in it, so we decided it was time for a new vehicle. Since we have another child on the way we needed something bigger than the Honda, so I decided on a small SUV. I had my mind set on a Ford Escape, but the one's in this area were going like hot cakes and the one's we did find were just out of our price range. So right when we decided to give up looking for the day (we were out all day on Wednesday), a friend called me and told me she saw a good looking vehicle at a dealer, so we went to look and it was this sweet Mazda Tribute, which is basically the same thing as a Ford Escape, but this one is even nicer than the Fords we were looking at.
This is a 2001 Mazda Tribute ES that's got 88,000 miles. It's a V6 with 4WD with leather interior, alloy wheels with a trailer hookup as well. It's got a very nice sound system with a 6 disc CD changer. The back is perfect for fitting our double stroller and luggage, plus it has a roof rack for longer trips.
So, all in all we are very blessed and God provided us with the perfect vehicle!!! Now we just pray that it will last for years and years!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

St. Augustine, Florida

Fun at the beach!!

Here are a few fun pictures from our vacation in St. Augustine, I tried to put ones on here that Alyssa doesn't have on hers, so I hope you enjoy!!!


Ok everybody, here is a little log of some of fires I've been involved in since working here in Dalton, GA. There are a few more scenes I was involved with that I'm not posting because I was on light duty at the time due to the medical problems I had, so all I did was assist the command vehicle, no real action :). I put them in chronological order except for this first one. This was a paper recycling factory that burned down in January of 2007, unfortunately I missed out on it 'cause we were in El Paso on vacation!!! Our whole entire department was called in to help with it and it took I think 3 days to get it completely under control. However, when I got back from vacation we went back to it due to a rekindle fire of a pretty good size, and that was 2 weeks later!! It was the biggest fire Dalton has had in about 20 years.
Here is where I put out my very first "house fire". In February of '06 we came here because one of the bedroom beds was on fire due to a cigarrette, we got there in time to put it out before it spread thru the whole house, so this was my first!!

This was my first really good house fire in March of '06. I was on the first in engine and the entire porch and the entry way was blazing and fire was blowing out that far left window as well as the roof. We saw the flames over the trees about 4 or 5 blocks away, so this was a fun one to put out. It has since been remodeled and fixed, that's why it doesn't look so bad now.

This was also a really good fire, the best one I've fought. This was in February of '07. This driveway you see is where my crew arrived. What you can't see is the back of the house, it is actually a two level house and the fire was in the basement on the back side, so everything you see in the picture was extremely thick smoke as we arrived, but as we pulled our line off it turned to flames, so everything you see was on fire, even part of the basketball goal! As we extinguished the fire on the porch and the front door we made entry and found that the entire living room had collapsed into the basement as well as the stair case, so we backed out and made it a defensive fire until we had it all under control, then we went back in and hit all the hot spots. We were here for about 2 hours, so it was definitely the funnest fire I've had.

This one wasn't a big fire, but it was fun because when we arrived the entire house was pitch black in smoke from the floor to the ceiling. This happend this last April of '07. I was actuall out in a pickup truck running some errands when the call came in, but I just so happend to be right by it, so I hit the lights and sirens and flew to it in a pickup truck!! I got there at the same time as the first engine (which happened to be the one I was on anyway) and we jumped right on it and had to go in and search for the fire but found it right away and put it out, this scene went extrememly smooth and was really the perfect example of how a scene should go. The truck company did ventilation as we were searching and extinguishing the fire and another crew did a victim search and the whole thing was over and we were heading to the station in less than 1 hour.

This was the last fire we had at the end of April of '07, there wasn't much to it. Some bum set two fires in two separate closets on either end of the house. We were the second engine there, so we didn't get to put it out, however we did get to chop some walls down because the fire was hiding from us and got into the walls and the attick, so we chopped thru some walls and put it out, so it was still fun.
I will continue to document any fires or cool calls that we have, I hope you find this interesting!!!


Just wanted to let everyone know that Alyssa and I just got back from Clarksville, TN where my U11 boys soccer team had a tournament. We make it all the way to the Championship game but came up short, we lost 4-3 in a very intense and close game. I was proud of the boys though, they played awesome!! Especially on Saturday in the 93 degree heat!!! Once one of the parents sends me a pic I'll add it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Fun Day Out

We had a fun time playing at the park when we were in Nashville this weekend, it's finally warm enough to play outside!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Like Father Like Son

That's right!! An America fan already!! I think this is on Alyssa's blog, but it's only fitting to have it on mine as well. Arriba el America!!!!

Holy Crap It's Been Too Long!!!!

Ok, so I have been away from the blogging for a little while....I'm a busy man!!! I'll start keeping up with this a little better now.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Family Fun on Vacation

Brayden "THE" Man
Truckin' along (there is a Jaguar in the back, really, there is!)
The handsom trio
My two favorite kids!!!!

Arriba el Futbol!!!!

Chillin' at a Colorado Rapids game.....I miss being in a big city with all the pro sports!!

My Sweet, Gorgeous Wife

Just a few glam shots of my lovely mate :) I love her so much....I really do.......

Beautiful Colorado!!!!

Gorgeous sunsets almost every single night......
Not to mention the nice cool weather :).
"Rocky mountain high, Colorado!"
Brayden's first trip to the zoo; fun, fun, fun!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

A little fresh air

Me and the Brady kid outside watering the grass a little, we haven't had any rain in a while, so juist giving it a little drink. At least I don't have to mow the grass twice a week like normal.....the South is so humid it's insane!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Family Fun

Ok, about the hair....the lady cut it shorter than I've been having it lately. I like to have it a bit longer on top, but oh well, my hair grows fast.

Don't I have such a cute family.... :)


Too bad they lost to the Crazy Moroccans! Morocco has a good team though, they had some sweet skill, crazy that they're not in the World Cup.
As you can see, we really need a camera with a zoom, I could have had some sweet pictures....

USA vs. Morrocco

Our family outing to Nashville was so much fun. We left early to go to the Opry Mills mall next to the Opryland Hotel where we walked all around the Bass Pro Shops Great Outdoor Store and also went to the Rainforest Cafe which was pretty cool. Brayden had so much fun at the game, he was sleepy but wanted to stay awake the whole time so he could watch how the pros do it! :) Anyway, it was a blast, too bad we can't go to Germany to watch any games over there this summer.....